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of unprofessional media reporting. >> the official told reporters that protesters want to kill the police, use car bombs in turn tripoli into baghdad. our presence, he said, would only encourage them. they do not want a repeat of last friday when protesters gathered in tripoli and were gunned down causing an unknown number of deaths and injuries. walmart gaddafi has already lost control of eastern libya. this forces -- muammar gaddafi has already lost control of eastern libya. the rebels have been growing their ranks, recruiting and training volunteers determined to topple gaddafi and make this revolt so big the government can no longer try to hide it. the libyan government is tightening its grip on tripoli, gaddafi's biggest stronghold. >> a senior iranian cleric warned against military intervention in libya by the u.s.. it could be a quagmire. iran has been pushing the u.s. on the issue since warships have been deployed. two ships are on their way to the mediterranean sea closer to libya. a quick look at the forecasts. is rain coming? >> temperatures are warming up, but there is some rain off to
, the use of martyrs, tanks, and air support from the gaddafi's side. this morning, there were a couple of bombings from pro- gaddafi war planes. currently, rebel forces have moved in to the natural gas refinery, the second-largest in the country, and have now secured the premises. round one has gone to the opposition. the khadafy regime does not seem to be phased at all by these setbacks. he is railing against the west and the international community, and particularly the united states. he went on to say that there is no uprising, and no protests. he continues to say this is all about al qaeda. >> as the violence intensified in libya, u.s. officials are deciding whether to impose a new no-fly zone. defense secretary robert gates says that establishing a no-fly zone is the first move in an attack on libya, which requires a serious consideration. in the meantime, several u.s. warships have moved into the region to assist in relief efforts and evacuation. officials say the deadly shooting of two u.s. airmen in germany yesterday may have been political. be shooter confessed to starting mem
element. -- ailment. the u.s. embassy in rome declined to comment. a massive blaze in hunting down. the nine bedroom to million- dollar mansion went up in flames after midnight. the blaze caused part of the chimney to fall through the second floor, triggering a partial roof collapsed. check out the pictures of the fire sent in by viewers in the ulocal section of wbaltv.com. collision jets have been patrolling the no-fly zone over libya today. the pentagon says they have not launched any new air strikes. over the weekend they scattered and isolated mooar gaddafi's forces with a series of air attack. -- air attacks. >> an incredibly strong message overnight, launching a missile strike in the heart of tripoli inside gaddafi's own compound, destroying what has been described as an administrative building. it is a sprawling structure, almost like a military base within tripoli itself. no word of gaddafi himself was in the complex at the time. rebels say their morale is high. they are encouraged now they have western and european and some degree of arab military support. they believe the
to us -- give residents who use marijuana for medical purposes a legal defense. >> if they meet the threshold, small quantities and things like that, and they can show a matter of necessity, like a letter from a doctor, the judge shall find him innocent. >> the measure passed in the senate, 41-6. the house is considering its own proposal. by in your favorite alcoholic beverage could become a bit more expensive. some letters approved 83% tax on alcohol last and -- senators approved a 3% tax on alcohol last night. it would be phased in over the next three years. it has to be approved by the full senate and house of delegates and gov. o'malley before taking effect. grave in serious, those words from japan's prime minister on the two-week anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami. officials said they expect a breach in the reactor core of one unit of the plant, and that could mean more contamination of the environment. "we are not in a position where we can be optimistic, and we must treat every development with the utmost care." collision fighters continue to pound targets deep int
, three, and four are in danger and officials are using extreme measures today using helicopters for water drops, as well as plans to bring in water cannons. there were also plans to restore the generator that went out in the earthquake. there was a discrepancy over the risk factors. the u.s. nuclear revelatory commission says that radiation levels are so high that the evacuation order should be expanded. they say americans within 50 miles should leave the area. the japanese government is stay on message and says that there evacuation parameters are sound, and individuals within 12 miles should consider evacuating. people in the northern part of japan are experiencing troubles. temperatures have dropped, it is cold, they do not have heat. we have not been able to observe, despite the millions that have been pledged from the outside, we have not been able to see any significant arrival of outside international aid in the hardest-hit areas of japan. >> as official deal with the aftermath of last year's natural disaster, dramatic footage of the first minutes after the sonometer continue to em
being scanned for radiation. in this coastal town where 17,000 people used to live and more than half the residents have disappeared, hope is fleeting. >> my daughter was washed away. i do not know what to say. i hope she is alive somewhere. >> this area has been paralyzed with trains out of service and major stores closed. everyone watches and waits for miracles, like this four-month pulled from the rubble three days after she went missing, now reunited with her father. and late today, there was more good news. rescuers found a 70-year-old woman who was in the house what the way by this in ameet. she was suffering from hypothermia, but is alive. >> the nuclear crisis in japan is raising questions about possible radiation exposure here in the u.s. despite those concerns, the chairman of the regulatory commission explains why it is not likely the radiation could reach our country. >> based on the type of reactor design and the nature of the accident, we see a very low likelihood that there is any possibility of harmful radiation levels in the u.s. or in hawaii. >> that have already sen
will hit the airwaves tonight. he is expected to address concerns about u.s. involvement in libya. rebel forces aided by a coalition air strikes made huge gains over the weekend. here is the latest from benghazi. >> there have been on night celebrations in benghazi. the rebels are cheering incredible advances they have been making the last 24 hours. the gaddafi forces in eastern libya seem to be collapsing or drawing back for a strategic retreat, waiting for a decisive battle. either way, the rebels have been going unopposed for hundreds of miles. >> today will be 41 days. gaddafi has been 42 years in power. we are going to finish it tomorrow. >> we have been following some of the rebels' advance. gaddafi troops took off their uniforms of the side of the road. they left meals have eaten by the roadside. the reason why it is clear. we saw dozens of tanks and armored vehicles obliterated by air strikes. the rebels have reached about 400 miles from here to the city te. it is the strategic city because it is gaddafi's home town. it is not much further to tripoli. sirte could be a decisive ba
it will actually be voted on has not been announced. >> days after the u.s. supreme court ruled in favor of the fundamental church and its controversial anti-day funeral protests, and maryland congressman takes action. he officially filed legislation that would protect the privacy of u.s. military family members. it includes five hours before and five after services. the first amendment protection protests. it extends the distance between protesters and the funeral side by 2,500 feet. meanwhile, lawmakers are no closer to a budget deal to prevent a government shutdown could the senate is little to vote on arrival budget plans. lawmakers have until march 18 to agree on a way to fund the government for the rest of this fiscal year. both the budget measures today are expected to fail. she is the longest serving woman in the history of the united states maryland senator barbara mikulski can add the hall of fame to her list of accomplishments. she is one of 100 women who will be an incident to the national hall of fame for women. she began her fifth term when she was sworn in back in january.
. aboard the u.s. ronald reagan -- >> we are ordered to help people. >> this is one more example of the reach of this disaster. a crisis still spreading. the full scope still uncertain. >> back here at home, a professor is headed to japan to investigate the structural infrastructure. they will survey the damage in an effort to figure out why some buildings collapsed and others did niot. he says that has to do with building codes and designs. >> they intentionally designed the structures to sway so the earthquake does not damage the building. specifically we try to prevent a total collapse. >> damage estimates from the earthquake in tsunami are in the billions. for the very latest on the disaster in japan, including the dramatic pictures and video, visit our website. click on hot topics. hope you are doing well on this monday. a couple of degrees cooler, but all in all not a bad day. this will affect customer night in through wednesday with a chance of showers. and in the meantime sitting at 50 downtown baltimore. 48 at the airport. 46 on the eastern shore. today's forecast calls
widespread what they are doing now is not considered how it will help would be to give us weapons. >> overnight, gaddafi's forces have managed to drive the rebels further away from sirte, gaddafi's hometown. he has created a military rank our round s -- ring around sirte and without more western military intervention, they will not be able to drive up our forces f -- drive forces from sirte. prison >> and, makes his case for u.s. and -- >> president obama makes his case for u.s. involvement in libya. kate amara is in washington with more on his speech and what comes next not -- what comes next. >> president obama announced that nato will take over command and control of the entire operation in libya on wednesday. as allied air attacks continued to pound muammar gaddafi's forces across libya president barack obama defended the wort. >> in this particular country, libya, at this particular moment, we were faced with the prospect of violence on a horrific scale. we had a unique ability to stop that violence. >> in an address to the nation, president obama said that the international
at a congressional hearing on the effects of foreclosure crisis on the city and the state. the u.s. house committee on oversight and government reform is meeting at the university of maryland school of law downtown for the field hearing, which focuses on fraud and lender errors. >> well over 1/3 of our neighborhoods have had more than 5% of the properties foreclosed against. many of these neighborhoods that i'm talking about are the bedrocks of our city. >> last month, realty track reported that we have driven foreclosures down 70% compared to a year ago. it is the sharpest decline that any state in the country has been able to achieve over the course of this last year. >> officials say the hearing is being held in baltimore because the city has been hit particularly hard and because the state's foreclosure moratorium that allows judges to review procedures and lenders to work out errors. inception -- in session 2011, maryland senators passed dale law that would ban drivers from reading sex messages -- from reading text messages behind the wheel. right now, drivers are prohibited from sending text
begin with breaking news. the u.s. supreme court has sided with the fundamentalist church member who carried out anti-gay protests outside of two church funerals. this coupled at court ruling to that father of a lance corporal snyder. and albert snyder sued church members after the picketed outside the church where his son's funeral was being held. we will have reaction to the court's ruling tonight on 11 news at 5:00 and 6:00. you can read the supreme court's ruling. we opposed it on our web site, wbaltv.com, under hot topics. we invite you to share your comments on today's ruling. wherethe middle east forces are battling for role of the cities. >> for the first time since opposition forces seized control of this portion of libya, muammar gaddafi has struck back. he hit the town on the mediterranean coast. it is an oil facility primarily. there is a university there. this seemed to take opposition forces by surprise. they were reinforced in the back and forth battle has taken place. this has really become the western front of opposition forces. they have been sending reinforcements
to the south of lust and to the west. because seymour -- south of us, and to the west. in the meantime, we are stuck in a 40's. 44 of the airport. 46 downtown. 37 near the state line. today, maybe a couple of snow flakes. 42-47 at best. we have another chance for more precipitation as we head toward the end of the week. >> thank you. the president of the baltimore county police union is now suspended after being charged with assault. he reportedly attacked and pulled his gun on a commercial center and driver outside of co9le westin's home. although the charges were charged in baltimore county, the hartford county attorneys handling the case. the convicted sex offender will spend the rest of his life in prison. thomas leggs jr. pleaded guilty to the murder and sexual assault of sarah foxwell whose body was found in which the local county. -- wicomico county. >> nothing could ever bring sarah foxwell back to us, nor repair the gaping hole in our hearts, but knowing that this sociopath, this murderer, this child rapist is now permanently off of our streets will at least bring some small measu
in northern africa, the effects are being felt in the u.s. at the gas pump. the white house is considering a dramatic step to relieve rising prices spurred by violence. tracie potts is in washington with the details. >> the uss 727 million -- u.s. has 727 million barrels of oil on the coast. >> a ripoff. filling up my car only last me like a week. >> it is something that all has been done in very rare occasions. >> not a good idea, some say. >> we are putting ourselves in the hands of the most frail, and acquitted regime in the middle east. -- antiquated regime in the middle east. >> what we need to do is find more of our own energy, and that is to explore offshore. >> worldwide demand is up and fight in the middle east has fueled fears of oil prices over $100 a barrel. >> i will start thinking about riding a bike. >> the government last tap into the reserves during hurricane katrina. >> the u.s. as the world's largest oil reserves. no word on when at the white house will make the decision to tap into it. today's technology offers many advantages, but it also comes with downside spirit the
and dreary outside. it's old man winter making one final stand on the last day of march? even some of us saw snow last night. the calendar says march 31, but he would not know if from the temperature outside. it is unseasonably chilly. take a look at this. snow fell in baltimore county last night covering the grass and coding cars. while there was no significant accumulation, some commuters faced snow and ice he wrote. -- icy roads. >> there was some sleep coming down in the county. march came in like a lion and -- came in like a lamb and it's going out in a gentler face. we have this drizzle all over the area. it does not show up well on the weather service radars. it does not pick up well. you can see spots of green and blue out in carroll county and near pennsylvania. right in the south near anne arundel county and near the eastern shore as well. even a little snow on the mountains of virginia. it is kind of went out there with a temperature of 40 degrees right now. we will talk about a chilly forecast and stormy weather coming up in just a minute. >> you can track of what are there with
to be with us for a while. you can see in the green shaded areas into virginia, that includes baltimore and eastern portions of the washington, d.c. metropolitan area. they have had 1.5 inches of rain so far. with the morning's and watches in effect, we will bring you details -- warnings and watches in effect, we will bring you the detail. >> see the radar on your television. just go to wbaltv.com. back to our big story. federal agents and baltimore police carried out a series of arrests. among the suspects, the actress who played snoop on the television show, "the wire." >> police and federal agents took us along this morning in a huge sweep targeting dozens of people. the headline is felicia pearson, known as snoop in real life and her role on the television show as an executioner. she was taking in on a warrant on state charges. other locations were also targeted this morning. the investigation target a drug pipeline including pennsylvania and cities like baltimore. we will have more later today and more about the arrest of snoop. back to you. >> maryland is one step closer to becomi
fire trucks are blasting water at the nuclear reactors. the government is abandoning the use of helicopters, i'm sure of how effective they were. clouds flocked -- unsure how effective they were. today marks one week since the earthquake and many in the nation paused to pay tribute as the number of dead and missing out. 15-degree temperatures and wind chill. and those risking the lives to prevent a nuclear meltdown -- we're getting some idea of who those persons are. one of them was about to retire, six months away, and he volunteered for this job. he was working for another company for 40 years when he decided he had a good of fukushima because of what " the future of nuclear power generation depends on how we cope with this. i go with a sense of mission." he left his house three days ago. >> the latest developments on the disaster in japan are just a click away. for up-to-the-minute information and how and why disasters like these occur, turn to our website, wbaltv.com. at the global economy is still reeling from the disaster as concerns grow over one of japan's biggest exp
using our interactive radar. save your location on your computer. find it all on our website, wbaltv.com. back to the developing story of the top of the newscast -- the deputy sheriff has been arrested after he reportedly had sex with a young girl. the girl's parents were not home at the time. he has been released at $75,000 bond and is suspended without pay. we will have the latest on the investigation tonight. a baltimore city police officer remains suspended after charged with sexually abusing a girl in arundel county. >> baltimore city police suspended kevin rolen who is assigned to the crime department. he turned himself into investigators following a two- week investigation. according to sheriff's officials, the victim was living in the officer's home. she is described as a close family friend pierre >> we became aware of this incident a couple weeks ago appeared course according to baltimore city -- zero weeks -- a couple of weeks ago. >> no one came to the door at the officer's home. he is charged with sexual abuse of a minor and second-degree assault. members say they distur
the latest from our reporter. >> u.s. officials say it was mechanical problems, not the enemy fire that brought down the f-15 strike eagle jet today. both pilots ejected safely at a high altitude, before it crashed outside of the rebel capital of benghazi. the pilots became separated during their high speed dissent. one was picked up by rebel forces and handed over to forces, and the other was recovered by an osprey rescue team. rebel forces quickly secured the still-smoldering crash site. >> another plane was running around after it had exploded. at first we thought it was a rocket. then when it crashed, we came to know it was a plane. >> the jet was part of an international coalition enforcing a no-fly zone over libya. rebels are reportedly taking advantage of the no-fly zone, advancing on forces loyal to muammar qaddafi. sporadic fighting is taking place outside of penn gauzy, and rebels tried to regain control of cities lost to qaddafi. >> coverage of the unrest in libya continues on our website. for up-to-the-minute developments, including photos and videos, and visit wbaltv.c
schools are being used as emergency shelters. for continuing coverage, log onto our website, wbaltv.com. there you will find pictures and unedited footage of the scene. check out an interactive guide at to what causes tsunamis. an incredible map of what is hitting japan. >> waves across the pacific ocean, and this is a computer simulation very similar to the ones we use doing whether -- weather. it addresses the energy that would be in the wave. that would extrapolate into a potentially stronger wave from the tsunami. you can see that the bulk of that is south of hawaii. you can also see it works its way towards the west coast of the united states. i want to come across the world to our own situation here. we have had serious rain, 3 to almost a few more inches of rain. there is now a flood warning in effect on the susquehanna river among the conowingo dam. the river is in flood stage at this point. it is expected to crest 27.3 feet saturday. they are opening the floodgates. it would include port deposit and havre de grace, among other places. we will keep an eye on that situation.
to donate to japan, the attorney general cautions donors to always use credit cards or checks, never cash. checks should be made payable to an organization, never an individual. for the latest developments on the disaster in japan, stay with wbal-tv on the air and on-line. check out updated pictures and videos on our website, and see the damage inside the nuclear reactors and how they work. you can find a link on our home page, wbaltv.com. >> a wet night last night, and some showers are still lingering this morning. we are now in a driving and clearing trend. high pressure will build in, and it is going to warm us up in the next couple of days or so. still some clouds lingering. partly sunny by this afternoon. i doubt the sunshine is trying to break out across the city. -- right now the sunshine is trying to break out across the city. still i get humid out there in general. today's forecast calls for a high between 55 and 60 degrees. we will be dealing with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. details on the warm-up and the st. patrick's day forecast just ahead. >> anne arundel county police
administration, seven in 10 prescriptions, and sixth in 10 of over-the-counter medications sold in the u.s. are generic term >> in almost all cases, it will be exactly the same. >> this doctor believes they are equal. >> there can be a sharons, confidence in the quality of the products. >> he says compare the popular heartburn drug to its generic version. >> it works just as well. it is just as safe. there is no practical difference other than the price. >> this box of clartin sells for $13.49. >> this is the generic. it is a difference of $6. >> according to the food and drug administration, generic and brand-name are the same in dosage, safety, strength, quality, the way they work, and the way they are taken. if they contain the same active ingredients, but differences in inactive ingredients are permitted. changes in coloring. unless your doctor writes no substitution -- >> under most prescription plans, the pharmacist is obligated to dispense the generic equivalent. >> according to the epilepsy foundation, that puts people at risk. when you pick up your prescription, do not sign anythi
will always be with us." tracie potts takes a look at her life. >> a woman of breathtaking beauty, one of hollywood's last true stars. >> did they take the money? >> "national a little bit" launched her into the spotlight at the age of 12, and for the rest of life, the spotlight never dimmed. >> not even the gods have time to give you. >> she won an oscar for "butterfield 8." and another for her portrayal of but drug and housewife in "who is afraid of virginia woolf?" >> stop it. >> like hell i will. >> i'm a very committed a white. i should be committed for being married so many times. >> 8 marriages to seven husbands. richard burton was considered the love of for life. she married him twice. she battled chronic ailments throughout her life, including drug and alcohol addiction. despite reports held, the last years were focused on her personal -- despite her poor health, the last years were focused on her personal crusade against aids. one of last public appearances was at the family memorial for her friend michael jackson did she had heart surgery and then twittered defense that it f
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